New Classes! Tuedays (fitness) and Wednesdays (yoga with dance) ... Join Us!

What to Expect

First-time participants in yoga and fitness classes are encouraged to contact the instructors with questions and concerns. Each class strives to make participants comfortable with the activity, whether clothed or naked. Classes are adapted to the levels of all participants, including those with physical limitations. The instructor will guide the class through the movements and suggest adaptions for your level.

The instructor and participants in naked yoga and naked fitness are, well, naked. The instructor and regular participants are focused on the movements and improving their personal yoga practice and fitness level. You may be nervous about being naked or how you look to the others in the class. The nervousness will recede after a few movements and the others in the class don't care - they are focused on their practice.

If you would like to participate in a class, come a few minutes before the starting time and the instructor will help you prepare. Remember to bring shoes, a towel, and some water to the fitness classes.

Simple etiquette is practiced with both yoga and fitness classes:

–  Take your shoes off before entering the studio. It is a sign of respect and courtesy for others, and it keeps the floor cleaner.

–  A person's mat is their personal space. Try not to disturb those that are meditating.

–  Shower before class if possible to remove colognes, fragrances, and odors since they can be distracting, or do not use them on the day of class.


Dan:  Dan’s background as a competitive swimmer brings a focus on breathing and proper alignment in an energetic class. His classes contain elements from different types of yoga that will leave you more flexible and have a better awareness of your body.

He is a certified E-RYT-200 instructor by Yoga Alliance and has been teaching yoga for over 8 years.

If you have questions or comments about Dan’s classes feel free to email him at

Andy:  Andy emphasizes smooth, flowing movements in his classes with postures to develop strength, flexibility, and energy. He moves carefully and fluidly through positions, emphasizing breathing, good form, and the natural movement of the body.

Andy is a certified RYT-200 instructor by Yoga Alliance and has been teaching yoga for over 4 years.

Contact Andy if you have questions or comments about his classes at

Chris:  Chris uses body and joint-friendly fitness routines that he has put together for his personal fitness. He has been a life-long athlete and fitness nut, participating in CrossFit and modified CrossFit for over six years and is an avid short-distance runner, regularly participating in races across the U.S. Chris is also our expert on craft beer and where to drink it in Cleveland.

If you have questions about his fitness classes, contact Chris through email at

Duke:  Duke's full body fitness routines are based on his own body-building routines. He incorporates fun into his classes and uses some partner routines. Duke is a strong advocate of maintaining proper nutrition with fitness, especially if you have dietary restrictions like wheat allergies or gluten intolerance, and can advise participants on nutrition and how to make it taste good!

Questions and comments can be emailed to Duke at

Matt:  Matt powerfully and gracefully teaches yoga that incorporates elements of dance to make a unique class with a beautiful flow. His energetic classes are for both men and women. Matt also works with Dancing Wheels, a professional dance group for persons with disabilities.

Matt is a certified RYT-200 instructor with Yoga Alliance, has been doing yoga for over 5 years, and is a graduate of the Ohio State University School of Dance.

Matt can be contacted for information at

Why Naked Yoga and Naked Fitness?

The ancient Greeks worked out naked for years, which they felt brought aesthetic appreciation of the male body, and to be a tribute to the gods. In naked fitness, we will use our own body weight to do a blend of exercises to give you an overall body workout with a touch of cardio and core strength.

Yoga has been practiced naked since ancient times as a way to shed the ego. While many in our society equate being naked with sex, that could not be further from the point at our classes. Practicing naked yoga is a way to unite the body, mind and soul while being comfortable in your own skin. You will begin to love and appreciate the unique characteristics that make you who you are.

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